About me


I am a Computer Vision / Machine Learning Engineer recently graduated with a Master of Science in Information Systems from Northeastern University with a specialization in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition. I recently completed an independent research on Interpretability in Image Classification Techniques with Dr. Nik Bear Brown where I tried to ask the question can we interpret Image Classification models?

My work is mostly related to understanding images and videos and trying to find the underlying relationships. Having said that, I have worked on various Machine Learning projects as well which gave me good foundational knowledge. While, I started off with image classification tasks, I have lately worked on captioning images with text, generating images given a text and also real-time object tracking using OpenCV while undertaking an advanced Special Topics in AI course by Dr. Subrata Das. A few months ago, I interned in a startup and worked on problems related to Pose Estimation, Dense Correspondence Estimation and annotation techniques for a medical application.

I was really fascinated by how our applications can be scaled and parallelized using state-of-the-art computational techniques. I recently took a subject of Parallel Computing taught by Dr. Liu Handan where I explored strategies and techniques to work on High-Performance Computing platforms like Discovery Clusters. Since then, I have been harnessing the power of GPUs for distributed training of the models.

When I am not coding or working on anything related to vision, I love reading psychological-fictional books; books which help to stimulate the right half of my brain, the creative one. The power which lies inside thoughts is far beyond ones imagination and it is one of the things which mesmerizes me the most. I truly believe this quote:

“A Man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes” - Mahatma Gandhi

While my life revolves around tech and books most of the time, I have a special space for culinary art and love cooking or experimenting on new cuisines. My mother instilled in me this crazy love for food, as she enjoyed serving others via her culinary art; and I try to carry forward that tradition of giving back and strive to reciprocate her teachings in my life.

I also, happen to explore places every now and then. Every place has its own story and I feel sharing personal experiences with others helps them in the longer run. I am a Google Maps Local Guide and I share my views on Google Maps for the places I visited while exploring. I see Google Maps as a treasure map, with places as markers to be explored, each revealing a new story. While most of the places exist on the map, there are many new local businesses which are yet not recognized and after having stumbled across them, I end up adding them on the Map. I strongly believe there is no greater joy, then the joy of giving back.